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Vesna Vega

Vesna Vega,1979 (born Krebs), attended the Faculty of Education and graduated as a professor of art pedagogy under the mentorship of Dušan Zidar, focusing on the concept of appropriating images as an artistic concept. After completing her studies, she furthered her knowledge in the field of new media and video design.

Her creative practice explores the relationship between nature, technology, and humans through an interdisciplinary approach that combines generative art, live visual imagery, interactive art, and sound. Her work includes video design for theatre and dance, spatial installations, live AV performances.

Between 2012 and 2017, she gained experience in London, where she participated in student theatre productions at UAL Central Saint Martins, among other projects. In 2014, she provided video projection for the dance performance “Toy box” at Opéra National de Lorraine. During her time in London, she created several videos for composers and musicians such as Leo Abrahams, Tanja Holt, and Fiona Brice. In late 2014, she staged an interactive video projection for String Quartet nr.4 at the Guildhall School of Music & Drama in London. She also collaborated on the set design and video projection for “Cautionary Tales for Daughters” at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2015. Additionally, she performed with an interdisciplinary performance titled “In Camera” at the Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space (PQ) in 2015.

To date, she has designed videos for over 25 domestic and international productions, continuously pushing boundaries and introducing new technologies into theatre. Since 2011, she has been part of the artistic team of director Ivana Djilas and has collaborated with other directors such as Tin Grabnar, Nina Šorak, Janez Pipan, and Primož Ekart.

She works as a video designer, videographer, animator, media artist, mentor and the mother of two.

Theater & Dance (selected)

  • 2024 Harun in morje zgodb, (Harun and the Sea of Stories) , PGK Kranj, Slovenia
  • 2023 Tega okusa še niste poskusili (You Haven’t Tried That Taste Yet), SNG Celje, Slovenia
  • 2022 Severni sij. Erdman. (Northern Lights. Erdman.), LGL, Slovenia
  • 2022 Nevidna ženska (The Invisible Woman), APT Novo mesto, Slovenia
  • 2022 Samo ne se ustavit (Just Don’t Stop), SNG Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2022 Izginjajoči svet (Disappearing World), LGL, Slovenia
  • 2021 To noč sem jo videl (Last Night I Saw Her), SNG Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2021 Kako je gospod Feliks tekmoval s kolesom (How Mr. Felix Competed with His Bike), LGL, Slovenia
  • 2021 Čriček in temačni občutek (The Cricket and the Dark Feeling), SNG Nova Gorica, Slovenia
  • 2021 Obisk (The Visit), Lutkovno gledališče Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2021 Škorpijon (Scorpio), SNG Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2021 Črna koža, bele maske (Black Skin, White Masks), APT Novo mesto, Slovenia
  • 2020 Muzikofilija (Musicophilia), APT Novo mesto, Slovenia
  • 2018 Thieves, ​ SNT Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2015 Cautionary Tales for Daughters, Tanya Holt, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK
  • 2014 Cautionary Tales for Daughters, Tanya Holt, Waterloo East Theatre, UK
  • 2014 The String Quartet nr 4,Guildhall School of Music & Drama, UK
  • 2014 Toy box, Opéra national de Lorraine, France
  • 2013 Otročje lahko muziciranje, Cankarjev dom, Slovenia
  • 2012 No Mather How we Try, SNT Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2012 Leonce & Lena, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2012 Time Maschine MGL, Ljubljana City Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2011 Displaced body RMX, Metelkova, Slovenia
  • 2010 Patriot, Theater Halle 11, Austria
  • 2010 Displaced body, Kino Šiška, Slovenia
  • 2010 Prežihs Dream, Theater Halle 11, Austria
  • 2010 Tosca,Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2009 Flags, Celje People’s Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2009 The Queen of Spades, Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia

Group exhibitions and Performances (selected)

  • 2021 Life and Narration, Ljubljana Castle, Slovenia
  • 2019 Digital big screen festival – Speculum Artium festival , Slovenia
  • 2015 In Camera, (Alexandros Lernis, Mahana Delacour) Prague Quadrennial, Czechoslovakia
  • 2015 Phenakistomixer 3.0, Apiary Studios, London
  • 2015 Fuchsbau Festival Hannover, Germany
  • 2014 Strictly Analog Festival #2, Slovenia
  • 2014 Differenz – Razlika, Kürbis, Austria
  • 2014 Sonica Festival 2014, MOTA Point, Slovenia
  • 2013 Moments, Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenia
  • 2012 Roboexotica, Ragnarhof, Austria
  • 2011 Video Dinner, Photon Gallery, Slovenia
  • 2010 Fashion Wire Video with Mira Strnad, Gallery Media Nox, Slovenia
  • 2010 Video Dinner, UGM, Maribor Art Gallery, with Ana Pečar and Borut Popenko
  • 2010 MFRU, International Festival of Computer Arts, Slovenia
  • 2009 Virtual Organisms, Cultural Incubator, Slovenia
  • 2009 Biennale Adriatica Arti Nuove, Italy
  • 2007 Media art from Slovenia, ESC, Austria
  • 2007 Giungla video 2, Udine, Italy
  • 2007 MFRU, International Festival of Computer Arts, Slovenia
  • 2005 Luksuz festival, Slovenia
  • 2003 Pixxel Point, Slovenia
  • 2002 Biennale of young artist, Greece


  • 2022 The Visit, Special Award for Overall Visual Design, 24th International Puppet Festival Zlata iskra, Serbia
  • 2022 Čriček in temačni občutek, Grand Prize for Set Design, Serbian Biennial of Stage Design, Serbia
  • 2022 The Visit, Young Jury Award for Best Performance, International Puppet Festival PIF, Croatia
  • 2019 BR41N.IO Hackathon, 1st place, DDT Trbovlje, Slovenia
  • 2014 Winner of the Open Call for Strictly Analog Festival, Slovenia
  • 2012 ACRA14.0 Award, Roboexotica, Austria
  • 2005 Luksuz Festival of Cheap Film; Best Experimental Video; Big Bang, Slovenia

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