The artwork for the production is inspired by the book’s dynamic illustrations or, rather, the tiny three-dimensional set designs or models that the author made using glue, colours and collage. The director Ivana Djilas and her creative team used stop-motion animation to take the images to a new level, creating truly magical theatre that hardly needs words.

In addition to hand-drawn animation, bringing to life the atmosphere of the draughtsman’s little home, the production features performers using theatrical tricks and manipulating paper puppets to a live score. This makes the story of the lonely draughtsman come to life in a visually and aurally rich setting, encouraging us to open ourselves to life and allow childlike curiosity and playfulness into our world.

Author: Inspired by Antje Damm’s children book
Director: Ivana Djilas
Art design and scenographer: Sara Slivnik
Cast: Brane Vižintin, Jelena Ždrale a. g.
Video: Vesna Krebs
Costumography: Jelena Proković
Music: Jelena Ždrale
Light design: Igor Remeta 
Photography: Jaka Vermuž