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Borut Vega

Borut Vega is an interactive visuals expert, mostly working with cameras and advanced sensors to produce graphically intensive life-size interactive experiences based on augmented reality principles, 3D mapping, and other advanced CG technologies.


  • Implementation of artistic interactive experiences of all scales from smartphone and tablet based apps, up to gallery-scale projects with several synchronised computers and projectors with bespoke interfaces and sensors.
  • Conceptual, experimental, and performative software design and development in collaboration with artists, academics, and commercial clients. Fluency in all major platforms – Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Android, Linux, with C++ as main language.
  • Hardware and sensors design and integration, production of bespoke sensor interfaces for interactive projects. Fluency in several IoT platforms and communication protocols.
  • Production lifecycle management, mockup, design, production planning, development, deployment, maintenance and upgrades.
  • General software design and production, worked in video game industry for several years, wrote plugins for publishing and design software, produced own projector control software and hardware, etc.
  • Long-term experience with live visuals, theatric visuals, digital video production, and VJ-ing.


  • Esoterion Universe, experimental AV software which resulted from a series of hackathons that started at Goldsmiths College London, 2015.
  • Phenakistomixer series of projects, developed a composing and simulator software for animated discs, in collaboration with Vesna Krebs, last exhibited at Apiary Studios, London, 2015.
  • Last Place, Kinect-based tracking and visualisation software, collaboration with Vesna Krebs, 2014.
  • Live on-stage interactive mapping of a dancer using Kinect camera and custom software, annual Microsoft conference in Portoroz, Slovenia, 2013.
  • Biotope, developed Arduino-based sensors and visualisation software application, collaboration with Vesna Krebs, 2012.
  • The First Law of B.K., custom pedalling sensor and and video playback control, collaboration with Via Negative Group, 2011.
  • Displaced body, Kinect-based tracking and visaualization software for dance performance, collaboration with Milan Tomášik and Vesna Krebs, 2010.


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