Vanishing World looks at today’s ecological problems through the lens of plants, and talks about the extinction of plant species. Three habitats – high mountain, lowland meadow and marsh – reveal the beauty of existence and the incredible world of plants: their struggle for survival, adaptability and symbiosis with the rest of living things. The performance opens up sensitivity towards plants and the awareness that they have a life of their own. At the same time, it raises awareness of how this unique, precious and complex ecosystem is collapsing. Will it become only a mirage?

In times of information overload and apocalyptic predictions, the question arises of how the individual copes with the tragic present. The performance, which takes us into the heart of documentary filmmaking, questions the way we create information, the way we document tragedy. Is catastrophic information about the current state of our planet enough, or does it require greater emotional and activist engagement from us to truly embrace this tragedy? And finally – what do we do with this knowledge?

Director: Tin Grabnar
Authors of the concept: Tin Grabnar, Tjaša Bertoncelj
Playwright: Tjaša Bertoncelj
Set designer: Sara Slivnik
Costume designer: Tina Bonča
Music and sound design: Eduardo Raon
Author of the video: Vesna Krebs
Lighting designers: Gregor Kuhar and Tin Grabnar
Assistant director: Tončica Knez (Erasmus+ project)
Time-lapse photography: Borut Kumperščak
Photography: Peter Uhan and Vesna Krebs