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Vesna Vega is a new media artist, experimentalist, and researcher. Her creative practice explores dis-ordered states, glitches, and chaotic behaviours through a cross-disciplinary approach blending generative art, live visuals, interactive art and sound.

Vesna’s current  focus is on  inter-waving complex systems found in nature with digital systems of several different kinds. Her goal is to form a new visual experiences based on known patterns. She is combining natural textures with digital patterns inside monochromatic/spectrum fusion.

Her work includes video design for theatre and dance, site specific installations, live AV performances and making music videos. Vesna collaborated with Leo Abrahams (musician, composer and producer known for working with Brian Eno, John Hopkins), Fiona Brice (composer, orchestral arranger and violinist – working with Placebo, Kanye West, Sugababes, Boy George…), Tanya Holt (singer and songwriter), Ivana Djilas (director), Marko Japelj (Scenografer), Milan Tomašik (dancer and choreographer), Maire Dee ( dancer/choreographer) and others….

Group exhibitions and Performances (selected)

  • 2019 Digital big screen festival – Speculum Artium festival , Slovenia
  • 2015 In Camera, (Alexandros Lernis, Mahana Delacour) Prague Quadrennial, Czechoslovakia
  • 2015 Phenakistomixer 3.0, Apiary Studios, London
  • 2015 Fuchsbau Festival Hannover, Germany
  • 2014 Strictly Analog Festival #2, Slovenia
  • 2014 Differenz – Razlika, Kürbis, Austria
  • 2014 Sonica Festival 2014, MOTA Point, Slovenia
  • 2013 Moments, Koroška Art Gallery, Slovenia
  • 2012 Roboexotica, Ragnarhof, Austria
  • 2011 Video Dinner, Photon Gallery, Slovenia
  • 2010 Fashion Wire Video with Mira Strnad, Gallery Media Nox, Slovenia
  • 2010 Video Dinner, UGM, Maribor Art Gallery, with Ana Pečar and Borut Popenko
  • 2010 MFRU, International Festival of Computer Arts, Slovenia
  • 2009 Virtual Organisms, Cultural Incubator, Slovenia
  • 2009 Biennale Adriatica Arti Nuove, Italy
  • 2007 Media art from Slovenia, ESC, Austria
  • 2007 Giungla video 2, Udine, Italy
  • 2007 MFRU, International Festival of Computer Arts, Slovenia
  • 2005 Luksuz festival, Slovenia
  • 2003 Pixxel Point, Slovenia
  • 2002 Biennale of young artist, Greece

Theater & Dance (selected)

  • 2018 Thieves, ​ SNT Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2015 Cautionary Tales for Daughters, Tanya Holt, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, UK
  • 2014 Cautionary Tales for Daughters, Tanya Holt, Waterloo East Theatre, UK
  • 2014 The String Quartet nr 4,Guildhall School of Music & Drama, UK
  • 2014 Toy box, Opéra national de Lorraine, France
  • 2013 Otročje lahko muziciranje, Cankarjev dom, Slovenia
  • 2012 No Mather How we Try, SNT Drama Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2012 Leonce & Lena, Ljubljana Puppet Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2012 Time Maschine MGL, Ljubljana City Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2011 Displaced body RMX, Metelkova, Slovenia
  • 2010 Patriot, Theater Halle 11, Austria
  • 2010 Displaced body, Kino Šiška, Slovenia
  • 2010 Prežihs Dream, Theater Halle 11, Austria
  • 2010 Tosca,Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia
  • 2009 Flags, Celje People’s Theatre, Slovenia
  • 2009 The Queen of Spades, Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Slovenia

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