PREMIERE: Leo Abrahams Finds the Cosmos in a Slipmat in “Theory for Large Molecules” Video

The frequent Eno collaborator gets plenty spacey on his own.

Leo Abrahams is an incredibly prolific London producer who’s collaborated with everyone from Brian Eno to Frightened Rabbit to Seun Kuti to Paul Simon. Now, Abrahams is prepping his fifth solo LP.

In the meantime, he’s got a new EP, Halo Effect, which is out now on Lo Recordings. He released the title track as a single a few weeks ago, and now we have the premiere of the video for that song’s b-side, “Theory for Large Molecules.” The video, which was created by glitch-driven video artist Vesna Krebs, centers on a spinning turntable that follows Abrahams’ oscillating bleeps and sketchy guitar leads into a cosmic rabbit hole. The heavily chopped and beat-driven guitars are reminiscent of last year’s Eno/Karl Hyde collaboration High Life, on which Abrahams himself played.

Source Flood Magazine, September 12, 2015