The performance explores the story of flight, mental escape and loss by combining different performance expressions, languages and strategies: Puppet and object theatre, dramatic theatre, the language of strong visual imagery, expression through conceptual art, video and music. The symbiosis of performance poetics creates a multitude of languages in which the actors use their own instruments – sound, language and the body, but also objects and different kinds of puppets. The foundation and starting point on which the performance is based is certainly the power of words and images that Jančar’s novel and its dramatisation bring.

Author: Drago Jančar
Direction and stage adaptation: Primož Ekart
Set design: Meta Grgurevič
Costume design: Tina Kolenik
Choreography: Rosana Hribar
Lighting design: Andrej Hajdinjak
Sound and music design: Darja Hlavka Godina 
Video design: Vesna Krebs
Photography: Vesna Krebs, Matej Povše