Skills: Borut Kumperščak, Installation, Vesna Krebs

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This object is a part of Biotop series which core is the question of the existence and refers to the postmodern debate on the manipulation of information, image manipulation and the question of authorship.
Object Microscope enables the observation of the virtual organisms. Bigger part of appropriated form of microscope is represented by cathode tube and its control circuit which exemplifies conceptual biotop of virtual organisms RGB Foraminiferas. Cathode tube is tuned on empty channel and shows a white noise in which by the look through ocular, that it self is also an miniature cathode tube, the virtual Foraminiferas can be seen. By imitation of focusing and steering of actual microscope the viewer can experience the reality of this kind of observation.

This work is a part of Foraminiferas series;  Wikipedia, Microscope & Biotope