Skills: Borut Kumperščak, Installation, Vesna Krebs

The medium is a 3D interactive sculpture that traces visitors’ hand movements by processing a depth camera video signal. The movement is recorded and translated into triangular shapes which reveal progressively deeper layers of digital textures, which are complementary to the 3D structure of the medium and include samples of digital glitch, datamoshing, landscape and satellite images, monochromatic and spectrum stills. The layers are constantly evolving, giving each participant an opportunity to create a unique digital creation.

The sculpture base is origami tessellation made of paper triangular mesh in accordance to principles used in computer 3D modeling, thus translating those principles into handmade paper-based object. The fact that video is 3D mapped to paper surface and then live recorded gives the sculpture a unique feel of dimension and space.

IMG_8477_o IMG_8482_o IMG_8470_oIMG_8485_o Interactively bring to light deeper layers of digitally textured triangular mesh origami.