Displaced Body

Skills: Borut Kumperščak, Theather&Dance, Vesna Krebs

Vesna Krebs, video
Borut Kumperščak visual programming
Jelena Milovanović, Milan Tomášik
, Dance and choreography:
Samo Gosarič
, Dramaturgy, Lights
Simon Bergoč, 

Displaced Body derives from the exploration process started in 2006 by Jelena Milovanović and Milan Tomášik. The process focused on exploring some of the basic dance principles and mainly dealt with the question whether the dancer leads the motion consciously or whether the motion leads the dancer while the consciousness merely follows the body, and, based on that ambivalence, tried to understand the relationship between two dancers, where the initiative, during the attempt of establishing and at the same time upsetting their motion synchronization, is always shifting from the consciousness of the one to the body of the other to the consciousness of the other to the body of the one.

Photography, Nada Žgank